About us

Agua de baleares

Mediterrean essences

We are a company which has taken the Balearic Islands as our own source of inspiration. From its warm, turquoise waters a range of unique products have been created: the essence of colours, smells and flavours of this beautiful archipelago.


High quality raw materials

Agua de Baleares’s fragrances are made from natural extracts and essences; which possess an above average aromatic concentration and intenseness.

Artisanal production

All our perfumes are made by hand, do not have any petroleum based derivatives and are paraben-free.

Connection with the territory

Agua de Baleares’s fragrances have been designed by means of a study of the scents of Balearic inspiration, so as to carry one away to the Mediterranean paradise by only lifting the lid of the fragrance bottle.

Legend has it that
at the beginning it was all sea,
and the sea was everything.


One day, the sea calmed down;
the waters subsided, and the sun came out
and everything was tinged an infinitely lighter colour.


Thus arose the horizon
and, in the distance, appeared a group of islands
that until now
had been hidden beneath the waves…


These islands taking the name of
the Balearic Islands.