Bring the essence of the Balearic Islands into your home!

A holiday in the Balearic Islands is vacation for your senses. The impressions you collect here are as diverse as they are unique. Each island has its own charm, its own character and gives an inimitable feeling of freedom. Often we try to capture our memories of this feeling in pictures or videos. For us this is not enough.

We were looking for a way to capture the scent and the feeling of Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza and take it home with us.

That’s why we present you the four fragrances of the Balearic Islands in our new Mikado diffuser. It will perfume your home in style and bring you a little bit of vacation right into your place.

Also for your bathroom, we have come up with a way to re-experience a piece of your favorite island every day. Our new soaps bring you back to the Mediterranean for a little moment each day. 100% natural and tailored to the personality of each island.

The Mikados and soaps are available in the four different fragrances that represent the character of each Balearic Island:



Floral, fresh and Mediterranean. Shortly after the beginning of the year, the first almond blossoms of Mallorca announce the upcoming spring on the island. In the following months, the scents of the flowers mix with citrus fruits and the sea breeze. This unmistakable fragrance provides the basis for this Perfume.




Made by wind and water, filled with life and bathed in the scent of the flowers of its beautiful meadows. The essence of Menorca acts as a silent presence and takes your soul into the endless expanses of the island. In addition to citrus fruits, we added a hint of aromatic herbs, as well as maritime and woody notes for this essence.





Our Ibiza line celebrates the cosmopolitan soul of the island. People from different backgrounds live together and make the character of this island so unique. For this reason, we have chosen aromas of Mediterranean flowers and combined it with influences of Asian, Arabic and Oriental notes.




Formentera embodies the spirit of freedom. The crystal clear water, the sea breeze, the dance of the waves. It is the maritime flair that you can also feel in our Perfume. Sea fennel provides the sea note and is mixed with lavender and a hint of citrus. This perfume really embodies the soul of the sea.