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The 7 most beautiful Christmas markets of the Balearic Islands

If you think that a visit to the Balearic Islands is only worthwhile in summer, then you are wrong. In the winter months, without the tourist crowds, you can discover the true soul of the four islands. A wonderful opportunity for example are the numerous Christmas markets on the islands with their delicious scents and […]

Bring the essence of the Balearic Islands into your home!

A holiday in the Balearic Islands is vacation for your senses. The impressions you collect here are as diverse as they are unique. Each island has its own charm, its own character and gives an inimitable feeling of freedom. Often we try to capture our memories of this feeling in pictures or videos. For us […]


Winter in the Balearic Islands is wonderful and allows you to undertake different activities that during the summer is more difficult to do. We visited deserted beaches, we met typical products in quiet villages of the interior, we made hiking routes to discover the incredible nature that the four Balearic Islands offer. Was born like […]