Náutica & Náutico

For the ones that carry the sea on their skin.

An island can only be defined by the omnipresence of the sea. More than a stage, the sea is an inseparable companion that guides us and to which we crave to come back when we’re far away.

Deep in the sea, the sun, the water, and the wind punish the skin but they’re only a balm for the soul, an inspiration for the senses: the light of the Mediterranean, the taste of salt, the sound of the waves, the soft touch of the wind. The unmistakable smell of freedom.

Agua de Baleares has created this new fragrance line so that the ones who already have the sea inside can also carry its smell with them.

Official Fragrance of the 36 Copa del Rey Mapfre

Eau de Toilette Man

Wind, sun and waves

The competition inspires our most nautic fragrance, created with the indomitable smell of the Mediterranean

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Eau de Toilette Woman

Foam, tranquility, and depth

In Mallorca the sea is a feminin entity. Soft murmur in the shore and tempest deep in the sea, where the breeze is born.

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