Island-Check: Which Balearic island is the perfect one for you?

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Despite their geographical proximity these four Balearic islands could not be more different. Of course, you will find sunny beaches and turquoise water on all of them – still each one has its on charm.
If you are still wondering where to go on vacation this year, we will help you with the decision and tell you which island fits your holiday requirements best!



The absolute classic. There is a reason Mallorca has been one of the most popular destinations for Europeans in recent years. After all, here you can find everything a holiday-maker desires. Dangle your feet and soul in the white sand and turquoise blue water of the beautiful beaches like the “Playa es Trenc”. Or relax at the numerous coves of the island – not quite as spacious, but always with a great postcard feeling! A perfect example is the “Calo des Moro”. Surrounded by high, overgrown cliffs, the bay looks almost like a natural pool and is, so to speak, a real “must-swim”.

The cathedral “La Seu” is the symbol of Palma

Besides all the swimming opportunities, you also have many cultural offers. Especially the island’s capital Palma has plenty of sights to admire, be it the magnificent cathedral “La Seu”, the lively old town or the diverse nightlife. But also in the smaller villages in the center of the island you will find some charming places.

Not to mention, of course, are the numerous possibilities for shopping in Palma. At the Paseo del Borne you are surrounded by luxury shops. On the other Hand you will also find lots of local handcrafts and delicacies at the many weekly markets all around.

In spring, you will witness a unique spectacle in Mallorca. At this time, the almond and orange trees are blooming all over the island. They then immerse the landscape in a picturesque pink and exude a delicate fragrance.

Mallorca is your perfect destination if …

you are looking for a convenient and diverse alternative, you have no problem with the more touristy character and sometimes want to relax for maybe only a weekend trip – no matter the season.

If you want to experience the scent of Mallorca or if you are looking for a souvenir or gift from the island, we recommend our Mallorca fragrance! The series unites the soul of the island in a fresh aroma of citrus fruits and the unique almond blossoms.

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The little sister island of Mallorca is much less touristy. Here you will find quiet corners even in the main season. On the small cove “Cala Fustam” for example, no one but a few hikers will bother you while tanning.

The tiny ports Menorcas are ideal for romantic walks in the evening

But if you also want to experience something exciting, we advise you to visit the small villages of the island in the summer months. This time is the season of the “Fiestes” – the village festivals. The streets are filled to the brim with people that dance, sing and make music together. The highlights are the horseman who prance through the rows of people with their horses during the parade.

Nearly every weekend you can celebrate in another village and become part of the local culture.

Menorca is your perfect destination if …

you are deterred by the touristic character of Mallorca, prefer your peace on the beach but are also interested in local traditions and festivals.

We also captured the soul of Menorca with one of our fragrances. An interplay of citrus, sea and flower scents highlights the tranquil character and harmony between land and water that reigns on the island

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Relax or go for a swim at the beaches and bays of Ibiza

If there is one thing Ibiza is famous for, it is the spectacular nightlife. Loads of international DJs already performed here – quite obvious, because the great atmosphere in the big clubs and beach bars make party nights here really unique.

The most exciting place of the island is Ibiza Town. People from all over the world come together here and create a multicultural melting pot that defines the character and atmosphere of this island. To get to know their way of living we advise you to take a walk through Ibizas old town, called “Dalt Vila”. Stroll through the narrow streets and have a break in the charming cafes and bars.
We also highly recommend to visit the hippie markets of the island if you like to go shopping. In addition to art, handcraft and jewelry, you will often find interesting live music and show-acts here.
And at the end of the day, of course you also got dreamlike beaches like the “Cala Comte” where you can just relax and watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand.

Ibiza is your perfect destination if …

you are looking for an exclusive holiday with a metropolitan flair, as well as cultural and human diversity, or if you are a fan of electro music and want to experience the performances of world-famous DJ’s live.

The cosmopolitan character of the island is also the theme of our perfume-series for Ibiza. Here you will discover an aroma of native notes mixed with essences of American and Asian flowers as well as oriental woods.

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If Ibiza is too much of a hustle and bustle for you, board the ferry and head south to its sister island Formentera. Here you can expect true Caribbean feeling on some pristine bays and beaches. Fantastic white sand, turquoise blue water and most importantly: way enough space to spread on the beach.

We really recommend you the picturesque bay “Cala Soana” and the “Playa de ses Illetes” here.

The bays of Formentera will give you the Caribbean Vibe

Formentera is the smallest of the four islands with a coastline of less than 70 kilometers, so with a bit of sporting ambition, you are even able to just circle around the island on a bike tour and discover its full beauty.
Compared to the other islands, there is not much of a cultural offer here. So you can confidently lay on the beach and relax all day without missing something.

You can find more information on Formentera on the official tourism website.


Formentera is your perfect destination if …

you are looking for an exclusive and idyllic holiday in the “little carribean” and have no problem with keeping away from sightseeing and city tours

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