Balearic Elements

The essential elements of the islands

The Balearic Islands, like all the Mediterranean crossroads, have acquired their personality between the spell of the waves and the aromas carried over the horizon.
Salt, citrus, flowers and woods are just some of the elements of the Balearic Islands and form the unique and recognizable personality of the sensory heritage that gently envelops you when you visit the islands.

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Freshness and serenity

Sea salt joins the vegetation of the islands to create the timeless scent from the shores of a calm sea.
29.90  IVA inc.

Elegance and freshness

The combination of citrus fruits with the aromas of the plants of the field of the islands, united in an evocative blend.
29.90  IVA inc.

Delicacy and sensuality

The explosion of flowering in a romantic fragrance that runs through all the nuances and moments of spring.
29.90  IVA inc.

Wild and authentic

The freedom of the lemon note accompanies the earth elements in a fresh and vivid perfume, which connects with the nature of the island.
29.90  IVA inc.

Suggestive sensuality

The best hidden secret of each woman, in the implicit feeling that something can happen.
29.90  IVA inc.

Trend and modernity

The dry juniper note joins the black pepper creating a purely Mediterranean chord, in a warm and interesting perfume.
29.90  IVA inc.