A small place, eternal moments

Fortunately, there are still places that can only be reached by sailing. There are still infinite sunsets that do not fit in a postcard, where time is measured with the dance of the waves. The magic of an island out of place, a brushstroke of land, where the soul of the sea is united forever in the perfume of Formentera.

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Light, breeze and truthfulness

Let yourself be enveloped by the harmony of Formentera to the rhythm of the waves, with an essence that speaks to the heart through the senses.
49.90  IVA inc.
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Nature, quiet and emotion

Immerse yourself in the fragrance that evokes the beauty, freshness and calm of the island of Formentera, and let its charm become part of you.
49.90  IVA inc.
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Create your environment with the essence of the sea.

With the scent of ambient mikado you can take home the fragrance of Formentera and transform every home corner into a corner of the sea.
29.90  IVA inc.
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The sea in your hands

Let yourself be carried to the seashore with Formentera soap.
11.90  IVA inc.
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