Unique mix, universal identity

All spirits reside in Ibiza and all dreams live in it. The island receives you by giving you in its perfume the spell of its daily miracle, forged with the trace of those who have visited it before. And like all of them, when you’ll set sail, you discover that there is a part of you that has stayed forever on the island, waiting for your return.

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Passion and sweetness

Discover the charm of a unique island converted into a woman's fragrance. Sweet notes with the chords of a recognizable personality.
49.90  IVA inc.
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Evocation, miscegenation and spirit

Dare to solve the enigma that Ibiza proposes to your senses. A fragrance that will bring you the warmest of memories.
49.90  IVA inc.
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Sweetness, energy and vitality

Enjoy the essence of Ibiza every day through its vegetal soap.
11.90  IVA inc.
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Open your home to the spirit of Ibiza.

The island of a thousand faces turns into an unforgettable fragrance, like the island itself. Enjoy it at home in a perfume mikado version.
29.90  IVA inc.
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