Sea Salt Vegetal Soap


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Who hasn’t gone to bed without showering after a day on the beach, allowing the salt to revitalise you? Wash your hands with Sea Salt vegetal soap and you’ll feel like you’re swimming in a cove of turquoise waters, letting the sun and the salt work their magic on your hands.

Glycerin rich vegetal soap with moisturizing properties, smooth skin feel after use.

How to use: rub on wet hands, then rinse with water.


  • Top: Bergamot and sea salt
  • Heart: Apple, lemon and water reed
  • Base: Cedar leaf and sea salt


  • Citrus and marine accord: Producing an extremely fresh fragrance.
  • Apple: Watery and green note.
  • Saline note: Bringing serenity.
  • Sea salt and cedar leaf: Acting as a fixative and providing a touch of elegance.

It contains natural essences.


  • Capacity: 125 g – 4,41 oz
  • Weight: 0,125 kg
  • Dimensions: 8,5 x 2,5 x 5,4 cm
  • Keep protected from heat



Purifying: The salt traps the negative charges from the atmosphere, leaving it clean and well-balanced.


INCI: glycerin, aqua, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sodium oleate, parfum, citric acid, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, tetrasodium iminodisuccinate, tetrasodium etidronate, limonene, linalool, C.I. 77891.